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Central Valley Velo is a non-profit bicycling club based in Tracy, CA located in Central San Joaquin Valley. Our membership includes riders from Tracy and the nearby communities of Lathrop, Manteca, Livermore Valley and other San Francisco Bay Area communities.

We welcome both casual and avid riders to join us for rides. We enjoy hosting guest riders and visiting other club rides too.  We have regularly scheduled rides throughout the week involving primarily road cycling with our big ride on Saturday.  We also schedule occasional mountain biking trips.

Our local loops appeal to riders of all skill levels. From short flat routes to long climbs and challenging descents, our routes utilize the nearby Altamont Hills, local rollers and flat roads.  We also schedule out of town rides regularly.

Our annual club century ride is called the Altamont Century, which is an invitational event at this time.  We are proud supporters of D.A.R.E. through community outreach efforts.

Our Calendar

Ride Classifications



(less than 12 mph avg) Appropriate for novice riders, families and children. Leisurely pace and riders stay together at all time. Most frequent stops.


(13- 15 mph avg) Social pace, frequent stops/regroups, waits for stragglers.


(15-17 mph avg) Moderate pace for solid riders. Regroups approximately every 45 minutes. Requires basic pace-lining skills. Sweeps for stragglers.


(17-19 mph avg) Brisk pace for strong experienced riders. Few stops/regroups. Requires strong pace-lining skills.


(20+ mph avg) Fast pace for competitive riders. Very few stops. No obligation to wait or sweep for stragglers. Very strong pace-lining skills/or racing skills required.



Generally flat


Slight grades with short rolling hills (1-4% grade) An example is Midway/Mountain House

Gradual Climb

Fairly easy, gradual climbs (3-5% grade) An example is Old Altamont

Challenging Climb

(6-8% grade). An example is Patterson Pass/ Mt Diablo

Difficult Climb

Steep Hills (9-13% grade) An example is Sierra Rd./Mt Hamilton

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